Full Name: Paul Kuhr
Born: December 4th, 1971
Living: Chicago suburbs, Illinois
Duties in Band: Vocals / Lyrics
Occupation: Metal Head
Relationship status: Engaged with a daughter
Favorite drinks: Tazo Chai, Kriek, Water
Favorite foods: Fiancé
Enjoys reading: Graphic Novels, Comics
Favorite bands: Slayer, Coldplay, Trouble, Celtic Frost, Edge of Sanity, Metallica, Hail of Bullets, Ajattara, The Doors, Peter Gabriel
Favorite albums: MDB – “Turn Loose the Swans”, MDB – “As the Flower Withers”, MDB – “Like Gods of the Sun”, The Doors – “Morrison Hotel”, Slayer – “Reign In Blood”, Metallica – “Ride the Lightning”, Sindrome – “Into the Halls of Extermination” (demo), Coldplay – “A Rush of Blood to the Head”, Coldplay – “Parachutes”.
Greatest musical influence: Duane Rasmussen (Devastation [Chicago]), Troy Dixler (Sindrome), Jorgen Sandstrom (Grave), Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost), Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity), Eric Wagner (Trouble), Jim Morrison (The Doors), Thomas A.G. Jensen (Saturnus)
Equipment used: Shure Beta58, TC Helicon, Blue Yeti
Other bands involved with (past or present): Laceration, Em Sinfonia, Subterranean Masquerade, These Are They, Witherscape
Guest appearances on CD: Devin Townsend Band (Song: Praise the Lowered on “Deconstruction”), Draconian (All spoken word on ”Turning Season Within”), Thurisaz (Song: No Regrets on “The Cimmerian Years”), Andy Winter "solo CD", Witherscape
Words to live by: There can be only one!



Full name: Lawrence Roberts
Born: January 30th, about a million years ago
Living: Chicago (south side)
Duties in band: Lead and Rhythm guitars, some backing vox
Occupation: professional musician, as well as a security officer
Relationship status: bound to a Poison Girl
Favorite drinks: Cranberry juice, water, Ginger Ale, Barrilitos Grapefruit drink
Favorite foods: Japanese, Chinese, and Italian foods, plus I cook alot so I have all sorts of concoctions I’ve dreamed up
Enjoys reading: Autobiographies, history books, magazines, comics (Ultimate SpierMan, Battle of The Planets, Amazing SpiderMan, to name a few
Favorite bands: KISS, Cheap Trick, Pyogenesis, Voivod, Atrocity, Katatonia, Zeppelin, H.I.M, Amorphis, David Bowie, Deep Purple, Winter, Trouble, Candlemass, and so on…
Favorite albums: All KISS albums, Pyogenesis “TwinAleBlood”, Amorphis “Am Universum”, H.I.M “Greatest Love Songs vol. 666″, Led Zeppelin “III” , Black Sabbath “Vol.4″, Voivod “AngelRat”, Pink Floyd “Meddle” and “Dark Side of the Moon”, so many more to list…..
Greatest musical influence: All the music I grew up with (70′s rock and metal mostly)
Equipment used: Fender Subsonic Baritone, Gibson Explorers, and I rotate between using several different amps, I have an old 50 watt JCM 800 Marshall, an old Carvin 100 watt head, and a new Peavey Ultra Plus 100 watt head.
Effects used: other than effects in the studio, I run pretty much straight into the amp right now, but I experiment with different effects from time to time.
Goal in life: I’m just living day to day, trying to make a living and make people I care about happy, and dealing with the bullshit as it comes.
Other bands involved with (past or present): Past- Shades of Grey, Neurotoxin, Dead Serenade, Tyrants Reign, ZoomClub, many others…. Present- No other projects at this point, I’m always writing and recording music on my own of different styles so maybe someday.
Words to live by: I have nothing profound to say, other than stay true to yourself and what you like and don’t worry about what others say or think.



Name: Vito Marchese
Born: May 3, 1982
Living: Northwest suburbs of Chicago
Duties in Band: Guitars
Occupation: I work for an internet company shooting porn, and shipping computer/digital memory products.
Relationship status: Non-Existent
Favorite drinks: Coke, Belgian beer, Bacardi rum
Favorite foods: Giordano’s stuffed crust pizza, China Chef in Morton Grove, IL, and Portillo’s
Enjoys reading: Sci-fi books and non-fiction books on ancient civilizations.
Favorite bands: Evergrey, Nevermore, Dream Theater, Rhapsody of Fire, Mercenary, Eidolon.
Favorite albums: Nevermore-all, Dream Theater-Awake/Train of Thought, Death-Symbolic/The Sound of Perseverence, Balance of Power-Perfect Balance/Book of Secrets, Control Denied-The Fragile Art of Existence, Eidolon-Seven Spirits/Nightmare World, Iced Earth-all albums with Barlow, Evergrey-In Search of Truth/Recreation Day, Fear Factory-all, Terminator 2 soundtrack, Nine Inch Nails-The Downward Spiral
Greatest musical influences: Jeff Loomis, Glen and Shawn Drover, Mike Walsh, Tom Hess, and Luca Turilli.
Equipment used: Ibanez MMM-1 baritone, ESP FB-200 baritone, Peavey 6505+
Effects used: No effects here!
Goal in life: To have fun playing incredible music and meeting interesting people along the way. I also want to write a bad ass sci-fi novel, and have it turned into a movie.
Other bands involved with (past or present): Sage4, and Divinity Compromised
Words to live by: The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves. Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.



Full Name: Michael Feldman
Born: 20 July 1979
Living: Well
Duties in Band: Not Sucking
Occupation: Bass Monger
Relationship status: Whipped
Favorite drinks: Water
Favorite foods: MEAT!!!
Enjoys reading: Tolkien, Star Wars, The Dictionary
Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Helloween
Favorite albums: Iron Maiden-All albums with Bruce, Judas Priest-Painkiller, Annihilator-Alice in Hell, Megadeth-Rust in Peace, Helloween-Keeper of the Seven Keys (Part I and II), Metallica-Master of Puppets and …And Justice for All, In Flames-Whoracle
Greatest musical influences: Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, J.S. Bach
Equipment used: ESP B55 w/custom Bartolini pick-ups and electronics, Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings, Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI, Monster Cables, Ampeg Amps and Cabinets
Goal in life:  To Rock Hard and Ride Free…All Day and All Night.
Other bands involved with (past or present): Rypt, Hollowpoint, Reviled, Degradation, Divinity Compromised (1 show), Judas Beast
 Words to live by: ”Be Prepared” 



Full Name: Garry Naples
Born: 20 March 1986
Living: Chi-Town
Duties in Band: Drummer
Occupation: Legal Admin/Session Musician
Relationship status: In one
Favorite drinks: Coffee, beer, bourbon
Favorite foods: Anything of the Italian, Mexican, or Chinese flavors
Enjoys reading: Mostly non-fiction or anything by Chuck Palahniuk
Favorite bands: Black Sabbath, Dissection, Immolation, Miles Davis, Porcupine Tree, Neil Young, Emperor, King Crimson, etc.
Favorite albums: This would take awhile to think about….
Greatest musical influences: Tony Williams, Paul Bostaph, Derek Roddy, Steve Flynn, Gene Hoglan, George Kollias, Elvin Jones, Sean Reinert, etc…
Equipment used: Yamaha and Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Sticks
Goal in life:  Have fun, be happy, and play music.
Other bands involved with (past or present): Without Waves, Kastasyde, Jungle Rot, Never We See, Defcon, Rubicon Cross
Words to live by: Sleep when you’re dead!

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