Ever since their humble beginnings in 1989, NOVEMBERS DOOM have striven to create their own unique brand of dark, brooding, & melancholic metal music.  Founded by vocalist / lyricist Paul Kuhr, the band quickly established themselves in the underground scene and released a 7” record, which led to signing with AvantGarde / Nuclear Blast in 1994.  The following year saw the release of their debut, “Amid It’s Hallowed Mirth”, which made waves throughout the metal scene with its intensely dense and heavily down-tuned riffs, coupled with brutal male vocals and beautiful operatic female vocals.  After a couple of years’ worth of growth and lineup changes, they expanded their sound into new territories with their EP “For Every Leaf That Falls” and 1999’s full-length “Of Sculptured Ivy & Stone Flowers.” Shortly after this release, long-time guitarist Larry Roberts was added to the lineup and the band started to perform more frequently outside of their Midwest U.S. home base.  Late autumn of 2000 saw the release of their 3rd full-length opus, “The Knowing”, an ambitious concept album that garnered the band some of their strongest reviews to date, and saw their fan base grow exponentially.  With the recording of their 4th CD “To Welcome The Fade”, the band enlisted Grammy winning producer Neil Kernon to helm the controls to great effect.  The band set out on their first North American tours in support of this disc, enlisting 2nd guitarist Vito Marchese into the lineup about this time as well.  NOVEMBERS DOOM were then picked up by the renowned label The End Records for the release of their fifth album, the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite, “The Pale Haunt Departure”, in 2005.  This album, along with 2007’s “The Novella Reservoir” and 2009’s “Into Night’s Requiem Infernal”, saw the band grow musically by leaps and bounds, also incorporating the production team of producer/engineer Chris Wisco (Jungle Rot, Nachtmystium), the mixing talents of Dan Swano (Bloodbath, Nightingale), and mastering by James Murphy (Death, Testament).During this time, they also became known for being an internationally touring band, having done several successful European tours performing shows with the likes of Agalloch, SaturnusAjattara, Nightingale and others.  The band also made many high profile festival appearances onstage at Brutal Assault, Graspop Metal Meeting, Chaos Emergente’,  and others throughout western Europe.  Also, an official home DVD release titled “The Novella Vosselaar” was filmed in Belgium and released worldwide in 2008 to great reviews.   2011 saw the release of the band’s 8th album, “Aphotic”, their most ambitious release to date and some of the strongest reviews and fan response the band has received since their inception.  More touring ensued, including special appearances at the Barge To Hell metal cruise, Denver Doom Fest II, and a welcome return to the Brutal Assault festival in Czech Republic, which featured the band performing two special sets, one “electric” and one in a stripped down “acoustic” setting that received rapturous praise from those in attendance.  The band continues to tour and do special acoustic appearances as well, including one such show that featured the amazing Anneke Van Giersbergen duetting with Paul Kuhr on the lead vocals for their most recent single/video, “What Could Have Been”.

In 2014, NOVEMBERS DOOM recorded and releasedtheir 9th full length album, BLED WHITE. This album has received much critical acclaim, and landed on the Billboard charts for the first time in the bands career. 

2015 brings new horizons. NOVEMBERS DOOM will set foot on South American soil for the first time, performing twice in Brazil.

Always evolving and refusing to let themselves be pigeonholed into any minor genre tag, while still retaining the elements of their sound that makes them unique and identifiable, NOVEMBERS DOOM continue to forge ahead and make their mark, always growing and thriving in their own light, where others have succumbed to failure and faded into darkness.

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